It’s incredible to know a strain shares a name with the pineapple fruit. The pineapple express strain possesses a feature of the pineapple fruit and somewhat tastes like it. Though this strain is tagged pineapple express, its structure doesn’t mimic pineapple, or better still, neither is the strain a pineapple lookalike.


With its inception credited to comedian and actor Seth Rogen, the pineapple strain only became a hit or a must-have in the cannabis industry only after the release of a movie in 2008 titles the Pineapple Express. Amongst other things, G13 Labs opine that, the pineapple express strain came into existence around the mid-2000s. All of which is thanks to the Hawaiian crossing and, of course, the Trainwreck cannabis strains. 

Considering very many factors about this great strain very much remains a subject of debate; still, no researcher or cannabis historian can state a fact regarding the origin of this strain. Due to these factors and lots more, many cannabis seed banks in Canada are now recreating a pineapple version express strain.


Widely regarded as an auto-flowering strain, dues to its tall nature, the pineapple strain still has indoor and outdoor cultivation as its ideal avenues for a perfect or boundiful harvest. All of which is solely dependent on appropriate temperatures. Blessed with far-reaching branches, the Pineapple Express occupies a lot of space. Amongst other things, its yield of about the 7-8 weeks, primarily when cultivated around mid-October, is just amazing. 

Furthermore, the pineapple express cannabis strain is very versatile and can strive indoors, outdoors, and of course in greenhouses. Cultivated by experienced farmers or growers, the pineable express requires care and professional touch for a bountiful harvest.

Aroma and Taste

The Pineapple Express is a mixture of the potent and flavorful forces, reminiscent of its parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. Its smell mimics fresh apple and mango sandwiched with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar.


With a CBD level of less than 1%, the THC content of this strain, on the other hand, is staggering. To the surprise of most growers and researchers, this strain comes with a THC level that stands at 24%. Should you need a high feeling like no other, sandwich with a full-body relaxation about a good smoke, this strain is ideal. 

Health Benefits 

Despite the fallacies associated with this strain, one fact remains, and that’s the strain its ability to give calming effects to its consumers. Furthermore, the strain also lifts moods, heightens productivity. And most importantly helps patients suffering from

  • Depression
  • Chronic stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue or generalized restlessness. 
  • Mild pains 
  • Inflammations as well as 
  • Migraines and muscle tightness.


Consuming the pineapple express comes with the ability to leave its consumers 

  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Relaxed
  • Energetic
  • Talkative
  • Creative 
  • Euphoria 
  • Giggly 

Side Effects 

Considering the effects mentioned above, the consumption of the pineapple express strain comes with specific side effects. Most of which is evident when cannabis newbies consume the drug. As such, these side effects include

  • Dry mouth
  • Anxiousness 
  • Dry eyes
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness 
  • Fear 

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