MK Ultra is a indica-dominant hybrid that is well-known for its strong cerebral effects. This strain won several awards in the early 2000s, and for good reason. A cross between OG Kush and G-13, MK Ultra packs a strong punch, providing a dreamy, intense high. It doesn’t have the highest THC content, 20%+, but the unique lineage of this strain creates an exceptional buzz.


MK Ultra hits very fast with a wave of cerebral effects. Like a warm blanket, the buzz falls over the mind with a deep high that leaves everything feeling a bit disconnected. It brings about a strong sense of awareness — raising the volume on inner thoughts — while adding a dream like quality. The body effects take a few minutes to settle in, but they complement the cerebral effects. Muscles relax, stomachs calm, and minor aches and pains vanish. While being a very comfortable buzz, it can decreases the desire for activity and has a strong burnout.

For medicinal purposes, MK Ultra can do wonders to help alleviate pain. For those suffering from chronic pain, injury, or arthritis, MK Ultra can lower the feeling of pain while changing the mental perception of pain. This duality makes MK Ultra a strong medicinal strain that can greatly improve quality of life.

Taste and Smell

The dark green buds are littered with light green leafs and bright orange hairs. The visual appearance is very dense and textured, revealing the uniqueness of this strain. The smell of the bus is incredibly pungent, smelling like earth with a slightly sour quality.

The smoke is very thick and rich, which can be a bit irritating in the chest. For even veteran smokers, coughing is common with MK Ultra. On the inhale, the smoke is packed with an earthy flavor that coats the mouth. On exhale, the sour, almost sweet, flavor fills the palate. After smoking, a strong aftertaste lingers in the mouth. The experience of smoking it is very unique and full, reflecting the high.


  • A strong indica strain known for its cerebral effects
  • Intense, dreamy high
  • Strong, relaxing body effects


  • Pungent taste and smell
  • The smoke can be rough
  • Strong burnout



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