High Hard CBD
Description: CBD-infused male enhancement capsule. This revolutionary cannabis product consists of an all-natural, proprietary blend of aphrodisiacs and sexual enhancers. Sex is an integral part of life and cannabinoids help to reduce anxiety, let go of inhibitions and increase sexual performance. Enjoy a harder erection, maximize your natural size, and increase control and endurance. Enhance your sex life no matter your age. High & Hard CBD will get you and your lover in the mood every time as you boost sexual satisfaction naturally.
Effects: Enhance Sexual Performance, Enhance Erectile Function, Increase Sensitivity and Endurance.

Formula: CBD (Cannabidiol), Mondia Whitei, Tongkat Ali, Damiana, Panax, Maca

CBD (Cannabidiol)

Increases blood flow to the tissues, amplifying sensitivity and promoting the body’s own natural lubrication. Increases serotonin levels helping to relieve performance anxiety.

Mondia Whitei

Used as an aphrodisiac, enhances erectile function.

Tongkat Ali

Used as an aphrodisiac, increases production of testosterone, enhancing erectile function and sexual performance.


Used as an aphrodisiac, boosts and maintains mental and physical stamina.


Increases nitric oxide levels, enhancing erectile function.


Increases libido, enhances erectile function, boosts energy and endurance, improves mood.

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